Take your character, puppet, scene or static prop to the next level and layers of realism to your attraction with the Puppet Master Sound System™. This sound system comes with a USB cable and easy to use software to allow you to upload up to four custom sound clips to the device. Load music, sound effects, voice-overs, whatever! Once you’ve loaded you sounds you can trigger them with the touch of a button which is easy to hide inside the puppet or prop. The level of customization that this product allows you to achieve will make you glad you purchased the Puppet Master Sound System™.

Each of our Attack Line wearable puppets comes equipped with a Puppet Master Sound System™, but you can purchase this product separately to add additional sounds to your Attack Line or to turn any puppet purchased anywhere into a screaming, howling or laughing spectacle!

• Load up to 4 Sound Clips
• Up to 3 Minutes Total of High Quality Audio
• Loop or Restart Sounds – looped sounds can play until you hit another button
• 2 Channels Available – Split clips between the 2 to play 2 sounds at the same time
• Capable of over 100 Decibel output (Louder than a Chainsaw)
• Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery – typically lasts 6-10 hours on a full charge
• Weighs approximately 1 lb
• Approximately 4″ x 4″ x 2″

Comes With
– Sound System Box
– 9v Wall Charging Cable
– 3′ USB transfer cable
– 4 button trigger
– 3′ cat 5 trigger cable (can connect longer cable if needed)
– Link to download Windows compatible software (can be used on Mac with Bootcamp software)

Puppet Master by VFX