Sound Design and Music

Sinful Audio provides a full suite of Sound Design services for Escape Rooms and Haunted Attractions.  Taking from best practices in Film Post-Production, Sinful Audio provides a complete package of Sound Design and Music composition that is 100% focused on your project needs.

What we offer

Single Room Atmosphere Package

This package is well suited for a single room or area where a well defined sonic atmosphere fitting your theme is needed.  It includes a full hour track in MP3 and/or WAV format, non royalty, original music and sound effects.

Single Room Full Immersion Package

This bundle is designed for Escape Rooms and Haunted Attractions needing narration and extended time solutions.  It includes everything in the Single Room Atmosphere package plus 1 Hour of professional voice-over services.

Ala Carte

We have broken down our services so that you can create the package that best meets your vision and design needs.  Choose from voice-over, sound design, sound effects, music and more!