Sinful Selects

Sinful Selects provide a compact, quality collection of sound effects originally recorded in the field and at the Sinful Audio studio!

Look for more collections in the coming weeks and months!


A wonderfully delightful little library of ...  well... screams of joy!  (ok, actually of terror and misery). Over 30 different styles of screams to add a signature touch to your haunt or display!    

Over 1 Hour of Thunderstorm Atmosphere Thunderstorm 1 - 33:02 Thunderstorm 2 - 30:37 Thunder 1 - 00:17 Thunder 2 - 00:17 Thunder 3 - 00:18 Thunder 4 - 00:12 Recorded in the Canadian Rockies, Granby Colorado  and Cascade Range Mountains Demos SINGLES AVAILBLE HERE

The classic sounds of creaking wood adds that perfect nuance to your atmospheric creations! Whether it be for video games or haunted houses, these sounds will help you create a fully immersive environment for your audience.             

A select few creepy crawlies to accent your grotesque and sinfully decrepit haunt! This collection of 21 Sound Effects, contains actual Cockroaches and Beetles recorded at the Sinful Audio studio!  In fact, a few we used were Hybrid Cockroaches that, when agitated, really made some wonderful sounds! Demos  

Recorded at the majestic Mt. Hood near Portland, Oregon, these Raven calls were captured in the Summer of 2017 near Timberline Lodge. This collection contains 13 distinct Raven calls and warnings.  Perfect for Scream Boxes and setting the perfect atmosphere in your outdoor display! SINGLES AVAILABLE HERE