Magic Wheelchair

Sinful Audio is donating 1% of every purchase to

Magic Wheelchair for the rest of 2018.

Who is Magic Wheelchair?

Magic Wheelchair builds epic costumes for kiddos in wheelchairs — at no cost to families!

To find out more, nominate someone you know or volunteering, head to the Magic Wheelchair site today!


Check out the super cool builds that have been done!

These are simply incredible!

Magic Wheelchair Videos


How does this work?

For every product or service you purchase at Sinful Audio from February 1st – December 31st 2018, I will donate 1% of the total amount to Magic Wheelchair.

How often will Sinful Audio donate?

I will be making payments, via PayPal to Magic Wheelchair every 3 months.  So for 2018, I will donate on the following months




and follow that up with any final contributions on December 31st

Donations Made


April 2018 – $30.57 (click for detail)

July 2018 – $0.00

October 2018 – $0.00

December 31st, 2018 – $0.00