Q.  What is the cost of your sound libraries?

A.  It ranges based on content.  Prop Sound FX libraries normally are priced at $25 where as our larger libraries are priced at 39.99.  With a few exceptions, we try to keep prices low for high quality, original content that gives you a great selection of sound effects

Q.  Why do you zip the sound effect libraries?

A.  Because most of our libraries are downloaded, we want to make sure the file sizes are as small as possible.  This also helps us pack more on a USB Drive if you are looking to have the files shipped to you.

Q.  How do I unzip the files?

A.  Check out our document HERE.

Q.  Do you perform custom sound design?

A.  Absolutely!  That is the cornerstone of what we do.  Contact us to talk about your project and we will collaborate with you on creating something unique for your attraction!