Sinful Audio specializes in using voice-over and voice characterizations as a core design in our work.  Either as a separate and distinct set of tracks or incorporated within your sound design project, we work with talented artists to bring you the polish you need for your project.

How can I utilize voice-over in my Escape Room?

For Escape Rooms, having a well crafted narration is a great way to further develop your theme and immerse your customers.  Whether it be for the room itself, or as an introduction to your Escape Room business, rules, promotional advertising, quality voice-over and narration can really help create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Another fantastic use is for your Hint scenarios.  Often a better way to give clues than speaking over a microphone or interrupting game play with a visual prompt, good voice-over that fits with the theme, accurate in dialect, characterization and accent, can allow players to remain immersed in your theme while still helping them solve a difficult puzzle.


How can I utilize voice-over in my Haunted Attraction?

Utilizing voice-over in your haunt can add fantastic “realism” to your scenes and really bring out the scare!  Next to Music and Sound Effects, Voice-over might just well be one of the most key aspects to any haunt wanting to develop a theme to its fullest.

By providing voice characterizations for your props (think zombies, monsters, witches, demons, skeletons), the sound of laughing children, the ghostly whisper just behind you in the dark hallway, you can give your guests a heightened sense of fear throughout your theme.

In addition, your queue lines might need a some dialog and something to entertain your customers while they head in to your haunt.  Also great for commercial advertising as well!

How much voice-over can I get in 1 Hour?

To get the most out of a 1 Hour voice-over session is to plan, plan and plan some more.  Have a firm idea of what you want to say, a clear written script for VO artists and make sure to site any examples, voice-stylings, or even extra content you think might come in handy later on.

Typically, room introductions, a good quantity of hints and an outro are easily incorporated into an hour.

We will review your scripts and narratives ahead of time to make sure you are always informed of the amount of time it will take before we begin recording.

Standard Voice-Over (English)

$65 per hour with a minimum of 1 Hour per project.

  • Choose from 1 Male or Female Voice-Actor
  • Up to 3 different characterizations
  • Additional voice-over or retakes over 1 Hour provided in 15 minute increments
    • $25 per increment over 1 Hour

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