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BPS520 Bluetooth® Outdoor Planter Speaker (Pair)

Plant your flowers and get great sound for your outdoors with our Powered Bluetooth® planter speaker system. No amp needed. Easily connect to any device, simple set up, no other accessories are needed. Plug in the main speaker to an outdoor outlet then connects the 2nd speaker with the provided […]

BTP-525 Bluetooth Speakers

  A great pair of speakers for haunts or escape rooms looking for a bluetooth solution and weather resistance!

BTP 650 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

BTP-650 Powered Bluetooth Speakers

The perfect set of speakers for Haunts or Escape rooms looking for a bluetooth solution, outdoor resilience and sound quality. These indoor-outdoor speakers are designed for all weather conditions, and the set includes one main speaker and one pairing speaker.   These speakers connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and include 25 feet […]