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AP525 Speaker Pair

The AP525  Speakers are extremely popular, made of Composite Resin Low Resonator Cabinet, they’re a great value because they provide remarkable sound. These speakers have a clean, modern look. With 75 watts of power, a built-in sound port for excellent bass and a weather-resistant design, the AP525 gives you great […]

LS2 Landscape Speakers

The LS2 Landscape Outdoor Speaker Pair is an ideal set if you’re adding sleek, modern touches to your outdoor display. These speakers provide superior audio quality and feature sealed enclosures that make them completely weatherproof. Each comes with an integrated drive-baffle assembly to deliver powerful sound. Specifications 2.5-inch Full Range […]

GLS8 In Ground Subwoofer

  Get ready to rumble Bring your outdoor display and landscape to life with our powerful GLS8 In-Ground Subwoofer. Since the bulk of the subwoofer is buried underground, only the port needs to appear to the outside world. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you won’t know […]

AP640 High Performance Speaker

Ideal for large areas that require a high-end sound system for complete coverage, the AP640 Outdoor Speaker Pair may be the perfect choice for your needs. It’s perfect for escape rooms, outdoor displays and haunts with a coverage up to about 800 feet.  Featuring full sound and deep, rich bass, […]

AP490 4″ Indoor / Outdoor Speakers

You’re going to love the sound that comes from our AP490 Composite Resin Low Resonator Cabinet Outdoor Speakers. They’re tough, attractive and unmatched when it comes to providing excellent sound. They’re sold in pairs, and each speaker features a rust-resistant aluminum grille and a composite cabinet. They come with swivel […]

AP450 Speaker Pair

Superior sound quality and a sleek, modern look make the AP450 Outdoor Speaker Pair the perfect choice for outdoor environments. With a rust-resistant aluminum grille and a composite cabinet, these all-weather speakers can handle temperature fluctuations between -20 degrees F and 200 degrees F. You’ll love the sound these speakers […]

LS3-PE Pair

LS3-PE Pair

Concealable, great sounding speakers for your outdoor haunt or display! The LS3 Landscape Outdoor Speaker is specifically designed to provide excellent audio performance and blend in with your landscape environment. With sealed enclosure and supersonic design, integrated drive/baffle assembly, it will deliver great sound to your outdoor haunt!   SaveSave […]