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PS12 High Powered Subwoofer

  The PS12 12-Inch High Powered Home Theater Subwoofer is an excellent addition to any collection. Surround yourself with the most realistic sounds and put you and your guests in the center of the action during any scene, walk-through or escape room experience with the lower frequency range of this […]

PS10 High Powered Subwoofer

The PS10 subwoofer is a front-firing, free-standing and fully powered 10-inch subwoofer. This is an ideal subwoofer for a home theater or a small to medium size room where you wish to have full, powerful sound. The PS10 high performance home theater subwoofer has speaker level inputs and delivers 125 […]

Complete Animated Kit

Spiderhill Prop works and Sinful Audio present the Complete Animated “Watchman” Kit   Manufactured from sturdy 1/8″ aluminum plate, this kit promises to stand watch over your cemetery for a long time. His movement rides on a 3 inch steel lazy Susan bearing assembly and the drive arm features a nylon roller […]

Static Prop Kit

SPIDERHILL PROP WORKS PRESENTS THE Single Spine Body Hardware Kit This kit provides you with all of the fittings needed to build a completely adjustable single spine body frame. This is a great option for building bodies up to 6 feet tall. It features adjustable shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. […]

BTP 650 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

BTP-650 Powered Bluetooth Speakers

The perfect set of speakers for Haunts or Escape rooms looking for a bluetooth solution, outdoor resilience and sound quality. These indoor-outdoor speakers are designed for all weather conditions, and the set includes one main speaker and one pairing speaker.   These speakers connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device and include 25 feet […]