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Creatures Volume 2

An assortment of 28 Growls, Roars and more provide a quick way to give impact and jump scares to your props or displays. Provided in both MP3 and OGG formats You may also like Creatures Volume 1


A wonderfully delightful little library of …  well… screams of joy!  (ok, actually of terror and misery). Over 30 different styles of screams to add a signature touch to your haunt or display!    


It has been told that a person does not become a Nachzehrer from being bitten or scratched.  The transformation happens after death.  It is also said that when a Nachzehrer comes into being, it devours its family members upon waking…. Specifications 1 Hour Soundtrack MP3 and OGG Format ERM (Escape […]

Prop and Yard Display Bundle

Get a great deal on this bundle put together for outdoor displays and props for a limited time! I have a limited supply of the LS3 Yard Speakers this year and wanted to put together a package that will get you up and running in no time! This “turn key” […]

PA90 Commercial Amplifier Bundle

  Take the guesswork out of setting up commercial speakers with this kit. Included in the kit is the PA90, a 70V Commercial Amplifier, 250 feet of our 16 Gauge 2-Conductor Oxygen Free Burial Rated In-Wall Speaker Cable, and four (4) of our awesome Black or White 6.5″ 2-Way Pendant […]

LS6 – Hanging Pendant Speaker

The LS6 offers integrators a visually pleasing alternative for adding foreground and background audio in areas where performance is as important as aesthetics. Pendant loudspeakers resemble lighting fixtures and blend into commercial environments such as malls, restaurants, bars, museums and other environments where multiple speakers are required or any environment […]

Hauntlabs Starter Kit

Hauntlabs and Sinful Audio make it easier than ever to get control over your soundtracks and sound effects at a fantastic bundled price! With this solution, you receive the following: 1 – HauntLabs AudioServer 2 – 50 Watt (8 Ohm) XMP100 Amplifiers 1 Pair – AP525 Wall Mountable Speakers   […]

Soundplatform 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Stand Built-in Subwoofer

Give the sound a hefty boost with the Soundplatform 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Stand with Built-in Subwoofer available at Sinful Audio. This sound stand will greatly enhance the sound quality without forcing you to add a lot of extra speakers.  The footprint is small, but the impact significant with this sound […]

Singularity Binary Bundle

Explore the cosmos with the Singularity, Binary Bundle! Including both Singularity 1 and Singularity 2, you’ll get 2 hours worth of music and atmosphere for a great price! Specifications Two 1 Hour Soundtracks MP3 and OGG Format ERM (Escape Room Master) Compatible

Singularity – Volume 2

Journey even further with Singularity Volume 2 ! A vast and endless voyage through interstellar space and aural landscapes, Singularity Volume 2 continues your journey through deep space. Get $20 Off the entire price when you purchase both Singularity Volume 1 and Singularity Volume 2 with our Binary Bundle! Specifications […]