Static Prop Bundle

Looking for a simple but effective way to put the scare into your haunt?

The Static Prop Bundle by Sinful Audio includes the perfect collection of prop, prop sound effects and triggered audio to get you started!

This is a $102.99 package available for the pre-order price of $90!  

No shipping charges.  

Pick up in your name at the Sinful Audio booth!

Midwest Haunters Convention
June 10th-11th, 2017

Static Prop KitProp Sound EffectsScream BoxUSB Drive

This kit provides you with all of the fittings needed to build a completely adjustable single spine body frame. This is our most popular kit and is a great option for building bodies up to 6 feet tall.

It features adjustable shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. knees. The spine is also articulated.


(9) SJ-1 Spider Joints

(2) UMB-1 Universal Mounting Bases

(1) 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC Tee fitting.

(1) 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC Cross fitting (includes pipe adapter and 4 inch length of 1/2″ PVC pipe. Fits most foam wig heads).

(24) Self drilling TEK screws.

Plans are included.


A 6 foot body armature requires approximately 11 feet of 1 inch Schedule 40 PVC pipe to construct.

Need help getting started ? Find plans for this kit HERE

1- 30 Min. Looping Atmosphere
1 – 30 Min. Looping Atmosphere w/phrases (every 2 – 3 Minutes)
25 Individual Phrases
All sound effects are in MP3 format
Choose from Zombie, Ghoul, Pirate or Clown voices!
Don’t see your creature listed above?  Just ask us!  We create custom sound effects!

An inexpensive but great way to have motion activated sound effects for you props and displays!

  • Battery operated (3 AAA Batteries Included!) 
  • Uses MP3 files  (up to 105 seconds) and it repeats each MP3 file out of the built in speaker each time the heat sensor is activated. 
  • Size 2″X 3.5″X 1″
  • The sensor can “see” from 12 feet away in the dark or a well lit room.  
  • Mounting bracket for easy setup.  
  • 2 Operating Modes
    • Mode 1 will play ALL MP3 sound files loaded, one by one every time the sensor is activated.
    • Mode2 will repeat the same MP3 sound you choose in your list
  • Compatible with PC File System Only

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