Sinful Audio Radio Advertising Package

Want a great way to get the word out about your haunt AND receive quality, original music and sound effects?

For 2019, Sinful Audio is offering the following package at only $10 per month!


Here is what I offer:

Subscribe for 1 year at $10 per month and receive one 15 and one 30 sec ad design.

Includes a one time, $20 Facebook Ad directly from Sinful Audio targeted to your area and demographics that work best for you!

You also receive a custom, quality 30 Minute Soundtrack for your Haunt or Display!

Benefits of subscribing:

  • Pay only $10 per month (after your initial $50 payment)
  • Each year, you can receive new SFX and Atmosphere to update your haunt or display
  • Receive updates to your ads each year to better target your customers and all you are offering
  • Expand your reach using Sinful Audio Radio and Social Media throughout the year to attract new visitors and let your returning visitors know about updates and changes.
  • Receive quality, original SFX and Music as well as professional Voice-Over for your advertisements!

Pay in full now, or make your initial payment of $50, and $10 per month for 7 months, no interest

(you will receive a recurring, monthly invoice in the amount of $10 per month 30 days after your first installment of $50, until paid in full)


Ad Examples: