Scream Box

An inexpensive but great way to have motion activated sound effects for you props and displays!

  • Comes Pre-Loaded with Sound Effects
  • Battery operated (3 AAA Batteries Included!) 
  • Uses MP3 files  (up to 105 seconds) and it repeats each MP3 file out of the built in speaker each time the heat sensor is activated. 
  • Size 2″X 3.5″X 1″
  • The sensor can “see” from 12 feet away in the dark or a well lit room.  
  • Mounting bracket for easy setup.  
  • 2 Operating Modes
    • Mode 1 will play ALL MP3 sound files loaded, one by one every time the sensor is activated.
    • Mode2 will repeat the same MP3 sound you choose in your list
  • Compatible with PC File System Only

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