MX1260 Multi-Channel Amplifier

What is a Multi-Channel Amplifier? Multi-channel amps incorporate high-efficiency, space-saving digital technology. Multi-channel amps eliminate the complexity of wiring up multiple two-channel amps, save space by reducing the number of components that must be placed in cabinets, and drive down your amplifier costs by as much as a third over multiple two-channel models, or adding impedance matching equipment to the two channel systems. Having a 12 or 16 channel amplifier will allow you to directly connect 12 or 16 rooms, directly to the amplifier without overloading.


  • 12 Independent Channels / up to 6 stereo zones
  • 60 Watts Per Channel Peak Power
  • Bridgeable Zones, 80 Watts per Channel (8 0hm minimum)
  • A choice of Direct channel input or Dual Universal Bus Inputs
  • Three choices for Turn-On; Manual On, Auto Sensing or 12 Volt Trigger
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