Home Haunter Basic

Feeling like it’s time to customize your theme with quality, original sound design?

Let’s get your haunt or display sounding fantastic with the Home Haunter’s package from Sinful Audio!

This is a $234 package available for the pre-order price of $200!  

No shipping charges.  

Pick up in your name at the Sinful Audio booth!

Midwest Haunters Convention
June 10th-11th, 2017

Custom AtmosphereIndividual Sound EffectsSpeakersUSB Drive

You will receive 1 Hour of original atmosphere that will included music and sound effects to match your haunt and your project requirements.

You will also have the ability to split up that 1 Hour atmosphere, if you choose, into 10, 15 or 30 minute segments in case you have a few different areas you’d like to add original, quality audio to.

You will receive up to 25 individual sound effects for you to use for props or displays that need that something extra.  All sound effects are recorded at 24bit / 96kHz and mixed to MP3 format for ease of use.

You get the PPM10 battery powered speaker / amplifier OR Upgrade to the AA84UB for just $10!

PPM10 Battery powered speaker / amplifier

AA85 Battery Powered Speaker / Amp




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