Haunt and Prop Sound Design and Voice-Over Package

A great package for haunts needing sound design for a single area and voice-over for props and displays.  This package includes 1 Hour of Voice-Over from one of our professional actors and VO artists as well as 30 Minutes of Music and/or Sound Effects to enhance your room or display.

Standard Voice-Over (English)
Per hour with a minimum of 1 Hour per project.

  • Choose from 1 Male or Female Voice-Actor
  • Up to 3 different characterizations
  • Additional voice-over or retakes over 1 Hour provided in 15 minute increments
    • $25 per increment over 1 Hour

30 Minute Atmosphere
Comprised of Music and Sound Effects, this Half-Hour track will be skillfully developed to help you immerse your customers into your theme.

  • 30 Minutes of atmosphere for your room
  • Quality, Original Music and Sound Design
  • Up to 15 individual sound effects for triggered events
  • No Royalties.  You own the sound track once it is delivered.
  • Delivered in MP3, .OGG or .WAV format (16bit, 48kHz)
  • Up to 6 Months of backups on-site at Sinful Audio