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SS8 200W Low Profile 8″ Active Subwoofer

Our SS8 Low Profile Powered Subwoofer is the perfect addition to any home theater setup. Just two feet wide and five inches deep, but with 200-watts of power output, the SS8 fills in weak or otherwise thin sounding surround sound systems with low frequency sound effects in an ultrathin package […]

Nero Studio 5 Bookshelf Monitor Speaker Pair

If you’re looking for bookshelf speakers that sound great, look great and are priced within your budget, our Nero Studio 5 monitor pair will not disappoint. Although price friendly, there is nothing cheap about these monitor speakers because we don’t do cheap sound. These speakers include a 5.25” woofer cone […]

ACE640TT 6.5″ Dual Tweeter Trimless Speaker

The ACE640TT offers excellent stereo sound and takes up half the space of a standard speaker pair, while still delivering smooth, 2-channel sound. Works great for whole house audio applications. These speakers were created specifically for an application where you have a right (+/-) and left (+/-) stereo signal coming […]

LS6 – Hanging Pendant Speaker

The LS6 offers integrators a visually pleasing alternative for adding foreground and background audio in areas where performance is as important as aesthetics. Pendant loudspeakers resemble lighting fixtures and blend into commercial environments such as malls, restaurants, bars, museums and other environments where multiple speakers are required or any environment […]

Soundplatform 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Stand Built-in Subwoofer

  Give the sound a hefty boost with the Soundplatform 2.1 Bluetooth Sound Stand with Built-in Subwoofer available at Sinful Audio. This sound stand will greatly enhance the sound quality without forcing you to add a lot of extra speakers.  The footprint is small, but the impact significant with this […]

AP650 High Definition

The  AP650 Indoor / Outdoor Speaker Pair is the ideal solution for providing all your favorite tunes on a patio, deck poolside, or commercial indoor installations. Designed to withstand all types of weather, they’ll perform under the harshest conditions. AP650 speakers come with matching mounting brackets that allow for 180-degree […]

AP525 Speaker Pair

The AP525  Speakers are extremely popular, made of Composite Resin Low Resonator Cabinet, they’re a great value because they provide remarkable sound. These speakers have a clean, modern look. With 75 watts of power, a built-in sound port for excellent bass and a weather-resistant design, the AP525 gives you great […]

BOM4.1 – Outdoor Bluetooth

BOM4.1 – Outdoor Bluetooth Omni Directional 100W Subwoofer with 2-Pair 60W Satellite Speaker Connections IP67 Waterproof Power Supply Our New Powered Bluetooth Wireless Omni Subwoofer! Simply hook up 4 passive satellite speakers. The Subwoofer will power the speakers giving you a 4.1 outdoor system. The omni subwoofer is designed for […]

IWS-88 In Wall Subwoofer Dual 8″

  A subwoofer is designed to reproduce the lowest of audible frequencies and will give you that spine-tingling rumble effect that takes you out of reality and into the plot. With dual 8″ Injected polypropylene woofers, large magnets and 350 Watts of power handling, the IWS-88 in-wall subwoofer performs excellently […]

LS2 Landscape Speakers

The LS2 Landscape Outdoor Speaker Pair is an ideal set if you’re adding sleek, modern touches to your outdoor display. These speakers provide superior audio quality and feature sealed enclosures that make them completely weatherproof. Each comes with an integrated drive-baffle assembly to deliver powerful sound. Specifications 2.5-inch Full Range […]