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RX550 Outdoor Rock Speaker Pair 100W

Choose from Sandstone, Slate Dark Grey or Granite Light Grey! The RX550 5.25-Inch Outdoor Rock Speakers provide superb sound quality. They look right in your outdoor display, in the garden or in any other outdoor environment.  These rock speakers are housed in an acoustically inert enclosures that are designed from […]

ICE1080 3-Way High Definition Ceiling Speaker

If you want bass and bigger sound, this 3-way speaker is designed for for serious home theaters systems and dedicated listening spaces. With power handling up to 150W, this bass rich speaker provides plenty of juice while a 10″ Paper Woofer, 2.5″ pivoting Paper Cone mid-range, and pivoting 1″ Ferrofluid […]

BTF525 Wireless 5.25″ Bluetooth® Outdoor Frog Speaker Pair

With a creative, all-weather design, the BTF-525 Wireless Bluetooth® Frog Speaker Pair gives you a great way to pipe music outdoors. The Bluetooth® enabled device syncs up with the master Frog with the internal Stereo Amplifier and Bluetooth® Receiver. The second Frog or pairing speaker connects to the master with […]

BPS520 Bluetooth® Outdoor Planter Speaker (Pair)

Plant your flowers and get great sound for your outdoors with our Powered Bluetooth® planter speaker system. No amp needed. Easily connect to any device, simple set up, no other accessories are needed. Plug in the main speaker to an outdoor outlet then connects the 2nd speaker with the provided […]

PS520 Planter 5.25″

FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS The planter speakers are designed for planting your favorite flowers and plants while hiding the speakers in the water / weatherproof interior!  The speaker cavity is completely sealed off, allowing for full use of the top planter area. Potting soil, bulbs and flowers can be planted inside, […]

AP520 Speaker Pair

The best way to pipe high-quality sound to any outdoor space is to install all-weather speakers, and our OSD Audio AP520T Outdoor Patio Speakers fit the bill. Available in black and white, these modern, sleek speakers are economical and provide superior sound quality. With compact cabinetry, these speakers are great […]

SS8 200W Low Profile 8″ Active Subwoofer

Our SS8 Low Profile Powered Subwoofer is the perfect addition to any home theater setup. Just two feet wide and five inches deep, but with 200-watts of power output, the SS8 fills in weak or otherwise thin sounding surround sound systems with low frequency sound effects in an ultrathin package […]

Nero Studio 5 Bookshelf Monitor Speaker Pair

If you’re looking for bookshelf speakers that sound great, look great and are priced within your budget, our Nero Studio 5 monitor pair will not disappoint. Although price friendly, there is nothing cheap about these monitor speakers because we don’t do cheap sound. These speakers include a 5.25” woofer cone […]

ACE640TT 6.5″ Dual Tweeter Trimless Speaker

The ACE640TT offers excellent stereo sound and takes up half the space of a standard speaker pair, while still delivering smooth, 2-channel sound. Works great for whole house audio applications. These speakers were created specifically for an application where you have a right (+/-) and left (+/-) stereo signal coming […]

AP650 High Definition

The  AP650 Indoor / Outdoor Speaker Pair is the ideal solution for providing all your favorite tunes on a patio, deck poolside, or commercial indoor installations. Designed to withstand all types of weather, they’ll perform under the harshest conditions. AP650 speakers come with matching mounting brackets that allow for 180-degree […]