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MX802 Mixer

MX802 Mixer 8 Channel 2-Bus Premium Pro Audio Mixing Console Ultra-Compact 8 Channel Mixer with Rugged Steel Enclosure 2 Studio Grade “Invisible” Ultra Low Noise Mic Preamps 2 Balanced or Unbalanced Line Inputs 3 Band Warm Equalization Controls Stereo Aux Return for FX or as a Stereo Input   Post […]

ButtKicker Simulation Kit

  The ButtKicker Simulation Kit delivers stunning realism, immersion and impact to all types of simulators. Built with industrial-grade quality and a patented magnetic suspension system, ButtKicker products are used in military and commercial flight simulators all over the world. The ButtKicker Simulation Kit uses the existing audio signal to […]

XWB50 50W In-wall Amplifier

XWB50 50W In-wall Amplifier Bluetooth / Aux Input Decora-Style Plates, Includes Connecting Cables & Power   Includes 50W amplifier (2 x 25 RMS @4 ohms) that doesn’t take up counter or floor space and can be mounted discretely near a standard outlet Bluetooth-ready in-wall volume control lets you provide audio […]

Q-SEE Powered Room Microphone

It works with any cameras, mixing boards or amps used indoors with audio input. The QSPMIC comes with a 12 Volt 500mA power supply and 60 feet of cable for flexible positioning. The QSPMIC will pick up sound within 20 to 30 feet of the microphone’s position, adding audio to […]

SSVC6 6X Pair Speaker Selector

The SSVC6 lets you add up to six speaker pairs in your haunt or escape room with individual volume controls for each speaker. Features include a plug-in screw terminal block for easy, yet secure wiring as well as impedance matching to protect your amplifier from low impedance when multiple speaker […]

ATM7 Automatic Speaker Selector

  Speaker selector switches allow you to connect multiple pairs of speakers to your stereo receiver or amplifier. The ATM 7-Zone Speaker Selector with Remote Control can control up to seven pairs of speakers so you can listen to music in multiple rooms simultaneously. ATM 7-Zone Speaker Selector includes an […]

SSVC4 Speaker Selector – Dual Input

The SSVC4 is low-profile table top volume controls with individual A/B input selectors for each listening zone. The SVC300, a 300 watt autoformer volume control is utilized in each SSVC for uncompromised sound quality and performance. The screw down terminals to 14 gauge cable. The SSVC’s feature 16 gauge steel […]

WSK-100 2.4G Wireless

  2.4GHz digital wireless link for reliable and crystal clear audio 34-channel selection Compatible with most powered subwoofers Transmits up to 100 feet (30.5m) distance between transmitter and receiver (line of sight) Compact profile keeps kit out of sight Includes transmitter, receiver, RCA cable, two 9V AC adapters and user […]

Buttkicker Mini LFE

  Overview A single-seat transducer with excellent musical response, from deep bass to lower mid-range, the ButtKicker mini LFE adds amazing impact and tone perception. The ButtKicker mini LFE features multi-directional mounting bracket for versatile mounting options. The ButtKicker mini LFE is a patented 4 ohm low frequency transducer that […]