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Audio Ad Creation

Do you need an advertisement made just for radio or other public announcements?  Sinful Audio, has you covered!  I work with fantastic voice-over artists and create custom, original music and sound effects to breathe life into your advertisement. Choose from a 15 second or 30 second ad OR get both […]

Haunt and Prop Sound Design and Voice-Over Package

A great package for haunts needing sound design for a single area and voice-over for props and displays.  This package includes 1 Hour of Voice-Over from one of our professional actors and VO artists as well as 30 Minutes of Music and/or Sound Effects to enhance your room or display. […]

Audio Enhancement

Do you currently have some great music or sound effects that need a little tender loving care? Sinful Audio can help you with the following (and more!) Dynamics Contouring and Compression Overall, this process will “even” out the peeks and quiet sections of music so there is a more balanced […]