Audio Enhancement

Do you currently have some great music or sound effects that need a little tender loving care?

Sinful Audio can help you with the following (and more!)

Dynamics Contouring and Compression
Overall, this process will “even” out the peeks and quiet sections of music so there is a more balanced volume level during playback.

Noise Reduction
Older recordings, recordings with consistent background or unwanted noise can be “cleansed” to bring out the source signal you’re looking to accentuate

Volume and Gain
Have a quieter sound effect or piece of music that needs to be brought up a bit in the mix?

File size decrease
Working with playback devices that have a limited amount of storage? Decrease the size of your sound effect or music file (with limited degradation in sound quality). This is optimal for MP3 file types

Change Audio File Type
Have or working with WAV files that need to be converted to MP3s? Conversion of .OGG, MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC and additional files are available!

Need to get some of that bass out of your mix (or enhance it?)  How about a focus on specific areas of sonic bliss with a little Equalization to breathe new life into that track?

For just $35 per hour (1 Hour Minimum) many if not all of the above can be performed on multiple files or  at least 1-2 tracks of music.

Find out more today and let’s bring those great sounds of yours to life!