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Copyright and Home Haunting

From time to time I get asked by home haunters about performance royalties and copyright.  Most times it has to do with short clips or sometimes even longer segments of music or dialog from movies or other sources. Recently, I had a great conversation with a representative of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and […]

“Watts” Up with the Volume?

A primer on the relationship between Watts, Decibels and Volume Nigel Tufnel: The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and… Marty DiBergi: Oh, I see. And most amps go up to ten? Nigel Tufnel: Exactly. Marty DiBergi: Does that mean it’s louder? Is it any louder? Nigel Tufnel: […]

Free Or Not To Free

A Few Thoughts on Free vs. Paid Audio Now you might think this brief guide might be a bit slanted toward purchasing audio vs. downloading for free.  As a person who makes their living creating audio for Escape Rooms, Haunted Attractions and Video Games I would much rather you make a purchase from me rather […]

The Importance and Implementation of Surround Sound

Implementing surround sound has always been one of my greatest joys in sound design. Last year I had a customer approach me who had been working out an idea for a seance room for his home haunt.   You can imagine how excited I was to learn that they were looking to implement a 5.1 […]

Speaker Wire Guide

What gauge do you need? Wire thickness is identified by its American Wire Gauge (AWG) number. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the wire. Thicker wire presents less resistance to current flow. Relative thickness of wire gauges, drawn to scale (not actual size). Thick wire (12 or 14 gauge) is recommended for long wire […]

Where Does Your Sound Come From

I get this question every now and then, and it’s a great question to ask.  There are several ways I collect, create, mix, modulate and perform to create the final sound effect or atmosphere for your custom project or sound library that Sinful Audio carries. Quality Gathering Information It all starts with the method by […]

Your Hearing and Job Safety

The CDC reports: “Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illness in the United States. Each year approximately 22 million U.S. workers are exposed to noise loud enough to damage their hearing.” The is a staggering figure and is commonly associated with trades involving construction, live entertainment, aircraft maintenance, industrial work and […]

What’s That Noise?

In our post, Pre-Production and Field Recording, we talked a bit about pre-production and things to think about before recording audio. In our summary, it came down to planning ahead and thinking about what could cause unwanted signals from being recorded and how to mitigate some of them. But what other noise might we consider? […]

Infrasound, Haunts and Escape Rooms

  What is Infrasound? Infrasound is sometimes categorized as low-frequency sound or signals that are lower than 20Hz in frequency.  This also means that it is below the standard threshold of human hearing which is 20Hz – 20kHz. Infrasound can occur naturally in the environment from such things as avalanches, lightning (thunder), calving of icebergs […]

Pre-Production and Field Recording

  Today it is easier than ever to purchase high quality digital recorders for audio recording. Whether it be for film dialog, “wild” sound capture, Foley or otherwise, prices have dropped or at least stabilized for microphones, field recorders and digital audio software. Even still, what remains is a demand for quality audio that comes […]

Of Sound Mind

Let’s be honest. For most haunts and escape rooms, the exhilaration of introducing new props, puzzles, animatronics and lighting effects has traditionally far outweighed the excitement of implementing new sound effects and audio reinforcement. It’s a well-established pattern that also includes film and stage productions. The reasons, which we won’t go into here, are various […]

The Importance of Good Sound Design

Sound provides a unique form of signaling. It is Omni-directional, meaning that it can signal an object or event that is completely out of sight and both outside and inside your tactile senses. The goal in any haunt or escape room is to leave your customers with a lasting impression and memory of the occasion. […]


Using the Sinful Audio Scream Box

What is included

  • Premium Sinful Audio sound effects to get you started
  • Brackets that allow you to mount and angle the Scream Box Pro just about anywhere you want.
  • A Micro USB to Standard USB cable

Important Things to know

  • This Scream Box can be loaded with multiple sound up to about 3MB
  • You must use a PC (Windows) for connecting your Scream Box and adding / deleting sound files
  • The Scream Box is best used indoors and /or kept out of the rain.
  • Keep the Scream Box away from metal shavings as the speaker will pick them up and attenuate the sound over time.
  • Remove the battery cover for loud MP3s that vibrate it.

Getting up and running

  • Insert 3 “AAA” Batteries into the Scream Box Pro
  • Turn the power on and wait 10 seconds for the sensor to boot up
  • Click Button A to hear the PREVIOUS sound and click Button B to hear the NEXT sound.

Modes of Operation

There are two modes of operation

  • Play all sounds one by one
    Press and hold Button A until the LED flashes ONCE
  • Repeat the same sound
  • Press and hold Button A until the LED flashes TWICE
  • When you are in repeat mode, you can click on Button A or Button B to change the sound you want to be repeated.Adding New MP3 SoundsWith the Scream Box and Micro USB facing you
  • Place the Micro USB on the side with the 4 lines on it
  • Gently push the Micro USB in the Micro USB slot on the left side of the Scream Box
    Make sure it is inserted straight and all the way in
  • Plug standard USB side into your PC Computer
  • The LED Light on the Scream Box will start blinking
  • A window will appear on the computer showing the current MP3 files on the
    Scream Box.
  • Drag and Drop your new MP3 files into the Scream Box window.

Using the BTP- 650 Bluetooth Speakers




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