Who is Sinful Audio?

Ken Webster is a Composer and Sound Designer and proud owner of Sinful Audio. His passion around all things audio began at an early age, writing and performing on the piano. In high school and college, Ken began his internship at various studios learning to engineer, mix and master music as well as playing in live Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical bands and ensembles. His background in music theory and composition lent itself to working with video where he began scoring for small independent films and commercials. In the summer of 2001, Ken started recording live dialog for film as well as atmosphere and Foley. This grew into increasing work as a sound designer. Later in 2006,Ken also became an educator at Northwest Documentary teaching classes on recording techniques and voice-over. In 2013, Ken was introduced to the Haunt Industry by Christina Kortum, a special FX artist well know for her work on Grimm and other films. In 2014 Ken officially launched Sinful Audio to provide cinema quality sound effects to the Haunt and Escape room industry. Today, Ken and Sinful Audio are actively creating original sound effects and music for haunted houses, haunt displays, escape rooms and video games. His goal is to always create new and original content using film techniques such as field recording, Foley, sound design and voice-over to achieve that one-of-a-kind sound. You will often find Ken working to create audio landscapes for many Northwest haunts and attractions as well as working with haunters and escape room owners across the U.S. and Canada.






Maxim Sharp is a Sound Designer, Composer and Professional Minion from Milwaukie, Oregon. He started his musical career at 13 with a demo version of FL studio and broken Yamaha keyboard,

hitting randoms keys until things sounded nice, and never really stopped. He first got involved in
the haunt community as a child, with his parents, Daniel Sharp and Elyssa Thelin, working with the Davis Graveyard, often bringing him along. It must have rubbed off, because he eventually picked up a knack for the theatrics and arts, Becoming head technician at his high school and working for Iatse 28, working on shows ranging from Bruno Mars to Sweeny Todd.  He currently attends Clackamas Community College, plays Smash Brothers, and hermits with a small room of blinky toys to make spooky things sound nice.

Sinful Audio is lucky to have Maxim Sharp contributing fantastic atmosphere, sound effects and music to our growing collection of quality sound effects and music.  Max brings an innovative, fresh approach to our sound, helping us deliver the best aural landscapes to Escape Rooms, Haunted attractions and Video Games.

James Sharinghousen is a Portland, OR native who first began working in haunted houses at the supple young age of 3years old. His parents were operating a fundraiser haunted house and couldn’t

find a babysitter, so they put him in a cage and told him to cry at people. Thus far, he has turned out fairly grounded!

His first theatrical experience was at 7 years old, and he fell in love with the art. As he grew and took classes, he developed a passion for the craft. After several community theater and school productions, he began performing professionally at 14 years old, and has worked steadily in the Portland market ever since! He has worked as a company member of Clackamas Repertory (where

he also spent 4 years as a scenic carpenter, Assistant Technical Director), worked for Oregon Children’s Theater, Profile, Theater Vertigo, and many others. He is proud to still call Portland his home.

Currently, he works as the Director of Events for a boutique hotel, and as the Lighting Designer/Animatronics Lead/Cast Manager for Fright Town. With 15 years of professional haunted house experience, it’s safe to say it is his pleasure and a passion to entertain the masses in a spooky fashion. This background, as well as his training in theater and events, has offered him the opportunity to consult and design several shows and haunted productions. He also enjoys most any activity with water, exploring the beautiful land that is Oregon, and learning new skills such as stilt walking.

James is one of those talents that Sinful Audio is so lucky to have on board.  With a broad range of vocalizations, a background in theatre and a great personality on top of it all, James brings our voice-over services to the next, best level each and every time!


Heather Ovalle is an Oregon native who you can find, when not bartending and entertaining her patrons, performing professionally in live theatre.  Whether it be dancing, singing or taking on various theatrical roles, Heather has a been a vibrant part of the performance stage since her Sophomore year in college.

She is a company member of Clackamas Repertory Theater and has had the priveledge of managing other actors at Portland Oregon’s well renown Fright Town!

Her passion for the stage and her acting prowess led her to voice-acting over the past year, bringing her talent and professionalism to Sinful Audio!

Heather brings a unique and professional voice to Sinful Audio, lending her talent to the many voice-overs now in use in Escape Rooms and Haunts across the globe.  A consiment professional, Heather gives life to dialog and vocal effects provided by Sinful Audio.


What sets us apart?

  • We are constantly recording new material and designing new and distinctive sounds.
  • From the studio to the outdoors, we record natural environments as well as create new ones
  • We specialize in using voice-over and characterizations as a core design in our work
  • And most of all, we partner with you on your project.  We are vested in your vision and the quality results we can obtain together.