Welcome To Sinful Audio!

I offer a range of audio solutions ranging from Custom Sound Design to Sound Effect libraries for Escape Rooms, Haunted Attractions and Video Games as well as Audio Reinforcement products in the way of Speakers, Amplifiers and accessories.

Sound Design and Music

Sound Design and Music are the core of what we do here at Sinful Audio.  From Foley to Field Recording, Synthesis and Modulation to Composing and Scoring original soundtracks, Sinful Audio is ready to help you immerse your customers in a world limited only by your imagination.  With your goals in mind, we can create a sonic landscape that will thrill your customers and create the immersive environment you envision

Sound Effect Libraries

Quality, original libraries crafted for a wide range themes and implementations.  These libraries are perfect for Haunted Attractions and Video Games needing a specific set of sounds at a great price!  Available for download today!


Through narration and/or voice-characterization, it is possible to create that final, important touch and imbue a more personal audio experience for your audience.  Voice-Over provides a

flexible means of instructing your guests, engaging them in the story and bringing to life people and creatures of other times and other worlds.


Audio Reinforcement

With a growing selection of Speakers, Amplifiers and Accessories, your bound to find a solution that meets your acoustical needs.  We look to bring you products that are durable, capable of working outdoors and have features that best suit your designs and needs.